WayV‘s Lucas and WinWin recently traveled from Seoul to Beijing. While they are still technically preparing for WayV’s comeback, the boys are under a mandatory quarantine as a safety precaution. It has also gone from being two weeks to three so, as a result, they now have a lot of free time.

lucas winwin

They have a different way of handling the lockdown. Lucas has been occasionally updating on WeiboInstagram and Bubble, basically treating the quarantine as a well-deserved vacation.

lucas ig
| @lucas_xx444/Instagram

Meanwhile, WinWin is hanging on by a thread. ???? It’s only a few days in and he has already done just about everything one could think to do while stuck in a hotel. He has been more productive with his time than I’ve been this winter period.

While most of us gained quite a few inches of hair on our head during quarantine, WinWin wasn’t going to even give his hair a chance to grow. He posted his latest update on Bubble, Instagram and Weibo showing the various stages of his spontaneous haircut.

winwin before
| @wwiinn_7/Instagram

He even showed us the aftermath. Honestly, it looks like a crime scene.

winwin trim
| @wwiinn_7/Instagram

A minimal trim to his fringe, it looks great! He could be a part-time barber. WinWin captioned the Weibo post as “A finishing touch✂️”

winwin haircut
| @wwiinn_7/Instagram

He has reportedly told fans on Bubble that he’s not afraid of getting in trouble for cutting his own hair since he’s in quarantine. It’ll grow back anyway. ????????‍♂️

We can’t wait to see how Lucas and WinWin’s quarantine chronicles progresses.