Have you ever wondered which “We Got Married” couple had the most fans?

The results to a recent online survey could perhaps be used as a good indicator to that question. On March 22, Panel Now, an online research company, revealed the results to a survey that asked, “Who’s the most memorable ‘We Got Married’ couple?”

The winner of the survey was surprisingly the Ga In and Jo Kwon couple. They received an overwhelming 45 percent, or 12,891 votes, of the total responses, winning the best couple title. Best known as the “Adam Couple,” Ga In and Jo Kwon left a lasting impression to many fans for their sweet relationship which made them almost look like a real couple.

The couple with the second highest votes was Crown J and Seo In Young, with 3,869 total votes. Alex and Shin Ae were placed at third (2,870 votes), followed by Kim Yong Joon-Hwang Jung Eum (1,859 votes), Nichkhun-Victoria (1,627 votes), and Kim Won Joon-Park So Hyun (1,461 votes).

Meanwhile, the Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun couple received only 989 votes, placing above only Jung Hyung Don-Saori and Lee Jang Woo-Eunjung couples. The results are quite a surprise considering how popular the “YongSeo” couple and “Khuntoria” couple were among international fandom.

Who’s your favorite WGM couple?