Due to MBC’s labor strike, “We Got Married” ran out of available footage for the show. “We Got Married” started broadcasting again without its main PD since March 3 but it will stop broadcasting once again on March 31. An MBC representative stated, “Even if we continue to use the footage that we have, it is still not possible to do a normal broadcast after March 31.”

So what will happen to the “We Got Married” time slot?

The time slot will be replaced by MBC Music’s “That Female Lyricist, That Male Producer.” The program was originally broadcast on March 18 which is a Sunday. However, it was very popular and was chosen to replace “We Got Married” which usually broadcasts on Saturdays. “That Female Lyricist, That Male Producer” is a reality show that pairs a producer and famous actress making a song together for 30 days. Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun is the first pair for the show.