Highly anticipated webtoon-turned-drama, Love Revolution finally lets us in on how the drama will look like, with its drop of script-reading shots as well as two whole video teasers!

| Kakao M

Set to star newcomer Lee Ru Bi as the female lead, Wang Ja Rim, she plays a cold and chic female highschooler that enters a romance with a classmate that is the exact opposite of her. Her partner, Gong Joo Young, played by former Wanna One‘s wink king, Park Jihoon, is a simple but cheerful student that falls in love with Ja Rim at first sight.

| Kakao M

Interestingly enough the main characters’ names are a play on the words for “prince” and “princess” in Korean, with roles reversed, as wangja means prince and gongjoo means princess. Perhaps alluding to the dynamics of their relationship where Gong Joo Young is one filled with aegyo, this sure makes for an interesting drama.

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THE BOYZ‘s Younghoon also takes his first stab at acting with the sub-male lead role of Lee Kyung Woo. Are we in for yet another “sub-lead disease” as we fall in love with his handsome looks? Everyone seems to agree in the teaser for his character below.

The star-studded cast also stars Cosmic Girls‘s Dayoung in her first drama role as well.

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The drama is slated to air on Kakao Corp‘s new streaming platform, Kakao M Play and is set to air sometime in September 2020. Keep your eyes out for its premiere! In the meantime, check out the main teaser below.