This past week KARA and BEAST fandom were in complete shock as Goo Hara and Yong Jun Hyung from the respective groups were found to be in a secret relationship for a little over a month now.

On June 28th, shortly after paparazzi photos of the two dating at a local park surfaced on the Web, BEAST’s Cube Entertainment made an official statement saying, “The two have been close as a sunbae/hoobae (senior/junior), and it’s been about a month since they’ve begun dating. Yong Jun Hyung comforted Hara when she was going through difficult times earlier this year with her management contract dispute. Because of their respective busy schedules, they’ve only hung out three times so far.”

KARA’s management agency, DSP Media, made a follow-up statement saying, “They share good mutual feelings toward each other, but they’re still in the middle of getting to know each another. It’s been only about a month so far, so please give them some time and look after them.”

According to reports by local media, Goo Hara and Yong Jun Hyung were first caught dating on June 9th, the day BEAST returned from their concert in Japan. They were spotted again on June 12th and 13th sparking speculation about their true relationship. And finally two weeks later, both parties went public and admitted their affection for each other. The two say it’s only been a month now so we’ll have to see how this relationship will actually pan out in the future. But much kudos to Hara and Jun Hyung for being true to themselves and going public with their romance, which is often very difficult for celebrities.

This news first brought to mind the recently split up couple of actress Shin Sae Kyung and SHINee’s Jong Hyun. In similar fashion, the two young stars were found secretly dating last year after local press unveiled paparazzi photos of them together. At the time, the ex-couple had said each other was their “most ideal type,” shocking the whole world as idol stars don’t usually come out in public with real-life relationships. However, after less than a year (and relentless rumors on the truth about their relationship), the two called it off reasoning their respective busy schedules.


And just a few days ago, another rumor of an idol couple started spreading between 4minute’s Hyun Ah and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon. Multiple reports of the two looking close and having a good time on the flight back to Korea were seen, to the point where Hyun Ah’s management agency had to officially come out and deny the rumor. However, the two stars have made several questionable remarks of each other in the past hinting at a possible relationship in the making, so it remains to be seen what the truth is behind the two. 

Nonetheless, last week was a hot week filled with news and rumors of celebrity dating gossips. Fans have shown conflicting reactions to the news as some were upset while some expressed their appreciation for the celebrities’ honesty.

Let’s Talk: What did you think of the recent celebrity romance? Which ones have you followed? Do you love them or hate them? What other celebrity couple did you like? Why do you think we are so intrigued?