1. (+5) FT Island –  사랑 사랑 사랑 (Love Love Love)  *** 1 WEEK NO. 1 ***
Score: 980
Genre: Pop Rock
External from soompi image  Music: Kim Do Hoon, Lee Seung Ho / Lyrics: Kim Do Hoon, Lee Seung Ho, Mario
Album: FT Island mini-album “Beautiful Journey” Track 1 Purchase this album    
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: It only takes FT Island three weeks to make it on to the top spot with “Love Love Love”.  This is the title song from their second mini album “Beautiful Journey.” The band had been quite busy the past months with their Japanese activities. The new album includes five new tracks, with “Love Love Love” being the title track. The album follows the concept of going on vacation as shown through the album jacket and 24-page photo booklet.  “Love Love Love” is a mid-tempo pop rock song that fans will fall in love with immediately.  The song already tops many charts and scored wins on music shows.  It is not surprising that “Love Love Love” captures the top spot on our chart with a very high score of 980 and wins by a large margin.

2. (+6) Wheesung –  결혼까지 생각했어  (Even Thought Of Marriage) 
Score: 877
Genre: R&B/Dance
External from soompi image  Music: Kim Do Hoon / Lyrics: Wheesung
Album: Wheesung mini-album “Realslow Is Back” Track 1 Purchase this album    
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Multi-talented artist Wheesung, who’s capable of working with all sorts of genres – ballad, R&B, dance, rock, and so forth, returns after ten months with a new single album, “Real Slow is Back.” It includes title track “Even Thought of Marriage” and newly arranged versions of “Rose” and “Love, That Bad Disease” – songs that were included in his sixth album. “Even Thought of Marriage” is a powerful R&B dance number composed by renowned composed Kim Do Hoon and penned by Wheesung himself. It has strong sounds backed up with the artist’s solid vocals. The song is about a man who feels sad and pathetic when a lover he even decide to marry, leaves him.  This week it moves up six more spots to No. 2.  Despite trailing FT Island’s “Love Love Love” by nearly 100 points, the album sales score of this song will kick in next week and the battle to the top will be a lot closer.

3. (-2) Secret – Madonna   
Score: 758
Genre: Pop/Dance
External from soompi imageMusic+Lyrics: Kang Ji Won, Kim Ki Bum
Album: Secret mini-album Vol. 2 Track 1 Purchase this album   
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: After scoring their first No. 1 song “Madonna” last week, Secret drops back to No. 3 this week.  This song is from Secret’s second mini album titled “Madonna.”  The title track of the same album was composed by hit maker Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum. The song is about living strongly and with much confidence in the current time period like Madonna did. Unlike the popular electronic pop dance songs popular in the Korean music scene at the moment, this song is livened with the feeling of a performance. Korea’s top brass band TST took part in the song to complete it.

4. (-1) DJ DOC – 나 이런 사람이야 (I’m This Kind Of Person)  
Score: 718
Genre: Pop/Hip-hop/Dance
External from soompi image  Music: Yoon Gun Hyung / Lyrics: Psy, Lee Ha Neul
Album: DJ DOC Vol. 7 Track 2 Purchase this album    
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of DJ D.O.C’s 7th studio album, ‘Satire.’ It is a fun and upbeat song with Psy and Lee Ha-neul’s straightforward and rebellious yet funny lyrics with electronic beats. The chorus, where they shout ‘that’s just me’ like the rebellious group they are famous as, is highly addictive. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

5. (+2) Rainbow – A
Score: 704
Genre: Pop/Dance
External from soompi imageMusic: Kim Seung Soo, Han Jae Ho / Lyrics: Song Soo Yoon
Album: Rainbow digital single A Track 1 
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Rainbow debuted last November with their mini album “Gossip Girl”, and has received a lot of love from fans for their fresh and bubbly image. After eight months, they are back with their first digital single album “A”. The title track “A” was co-produced by Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo, which is a pop dance track with hip hop beats and a touch of rock. The song showcases the members’ individuality and refreshing voices, as well as their great rapping skills. Unlike their fresh and bubbly concept from their first mini album “Gossip Girl”, their digital single album photo concept reveals more of a mature and sophisticated style. Through their music stage appearances, we’ll be expecting to see a different side of Rainbow that we haven’t seen in the past.  This week “A” moves up two spots and becomes the group’s first top 5 hit.

6. (+10) Sistar –  가식걸  (Shady Girl)
Score: 696
Genre: Pop/Dance
External from soompi imageMusic+Lyrics: Brave Brothers
Album: Sistar mini-album “Shady” Girl Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Rookie group, Sistar, makes its comeback with its second single album. The title track is “Shady Girl,” a dance number with strong hip-hop beats and lyrics. It was composed by the Brave Brothers and produced by world renowned producer Eliot Kennedy, upgrading the song a notch. The song holds lyrics about how a girl may seem a bit “shady” in front of a lover, but it’s because they want to look nice for him. This week it moves up ten more spots to No. 6.  Despite not getting the attention as other rookie artists, Sistar has been doing very well on the chart and both of their songs made the top 10.

7. (-5) Homme – 밥만 잘 먹더라 (Eat Well)
Score: 673
Genre: Pop Ballad 
External from soompi imageMusic + Lyrics: Bang Shi Hyuk
Album: Homme digital single “Homme By Hitman Bang” Track 1 
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment:  Title song of Chang-min & Lee Hyun’s digital single album ‘Homme By “Hitman” Bang.’ A hybrid summer rock song with a refreshing guitar sound and drum accompaniment that will make you want to forget everything and leave. 2AM’s Chang-min and 8eight’s Lee Hyun create powerful harmony. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

8. (-3) Tae Yang – I’ll Be There  
Score: 617
Genre: R&B / Dance
External from soompi image Music +Lyrics: Teddy
Album: Tae Yang Vol. 1 International Edition Track 3 Purchase this album    
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Title song from the newly released International Edition of Big Bang member Tae Yang’s first full studio album.  Tae Yang’s previous hit “I Need A Girl” reached No. 2 on our chart.  This song is written and produced by YG’s main producer Teddy.  It combines R&B, dance, and electronica elements.  This week it drops three spots to No. 8.

9. (–) ERU –  하얀 눈물 (White Tears) 
Score: 562
Genre: Pop Ballad
External from soompi image  Music: Yoon Myung Sun / Lyrics: ERU, Yoon Myung Sun
Album: ERU Vol. 4 Track 2 Purchase this album    
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Eru, who is loved by the Korean public for his captivating and distinct voice, has returned with a new album after serving two years in the military. During those two years, he worked on the concept of his album and has expressed his strong attachment and confidence for his album to the public even after being discharged from the military. The title song of this album is “White Tears”, which is a sequel to his previous hit song “Black Glasses”. It is yet another breakup story about someone shedding white tears after taking off the black glasses. It is a traditional ballad song that only Eru can sing. This song was again composed by Yoon Myung Sun, who wrote “Black Glasses”.  This week it remains at No. 9.

10. (+3) Narsha – 맘마미아 (Mamma Mia)
Score: 508
Genre: Pop/Dance
External from soompi imageMusic: Lee Min Soo / Lyrics: Kim Ina
Album: Narsha digital single “Mamma Mia” Track 1 
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Narsha, who spent the past month promoting her solo activities with “Bbi Ri Bba Bba”,  has returned with a digital repackaged version of her mini album. Her follow-up track, “Mama Mia” is a dance number produced by Cho Young Chul, composed by Lee Min Soo, and penned by Kim Ina. They were also responsible for the Brown Eyed Girls’ songs“Abracadabra,” “LOVE,” and “My Style,” making this new single a hot issue. The song uses strong drum beats and lively synthesizer sounds which seem to flow well with Narsha’s vocals. Junior group, Sunny Hill is also makes a feature in this number. This week “Mamma Mia” moves up three more spots to No. 10, becoming Narsha’s second solo top 10 hit.

11. (+9) 4Men – U  
Score: 450
Genre: R&B Ballad
External from soompi imageMusic +Lyrics: E-Tribe
Album: 4Men + E-Tribe mini-album “You” Track 1 Purchase this album    
Watch: MV Teaser Live Performance
Comment: R&B group 4Men has teamed up with E-Tribe – the formidable composer-producer duo behind hits like Girls’ Generation’s “Gee”, Lee Hyo Ri’s “U-Go-Girl”, and Super Junior’s “It’s You” – for the special mini-album You. This project album came about because of E-Tribe’s admiration for 4Men lead vocal Shin Young Jae’s voice.  4Men had a breakthrough hit earlier this year with “Can’t Do”.  “U” is another pure R&B song that we don’t see often in K-Pop these days.  “U” moves up nine spots to No. 11 this week.

12. (-1) Seo In Kook – 애기야 (My Baby U)    
Score: 424
Genre: Pop
External from soompi image    Music: PJ, Kim Do Hoon, Hwang Se Joon / Lyrics: Wheesung
Album: Seo In Kook Special Album “MY Baby U” Track 3 Purchase this album    
Watch: MV Teaser Live Performance 
Comment: Seo In Kook returns this summer with a special album and another love confession. The artist had received much popularity with “Love U” and has returned with a lovely version of the song along with a new song, “My Baby U.” The latter song was composed by Kim Do Hoon, Hwang Se Jung, and PJ and penned by Wheesung. Rhymer’s featured rap making further completes the song. The phrase “My Baby” came from the drama “Lovers in Paris” where actor Park Shin Yang used it to call his lover Kim Jung Eun.  Despite gaining in points, this week “My Baby U” drops one spot to No. 12.

13. (-9) Jo Sung Mo –  바람필래 (I Want To Cheat) 
Score: 414
Genre: Pop
External from soompi image Music+Lyrics: Brave Brothers
Album: Jo Sung Mo special album “Sung Mo Meet Brave” Track 2 Purchase this album    
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Veteran musician Jo Sung Mo and the Brave Brothers meet – ballad and trendy music likewise meet. The title track is “I Want to Cheat”, which showcases how much Jo Sung Mo has changed – the electronic guitar riffs and the easy to follow melody line is expected to be popular among listeners. It is totally different from Jo Sung Mo’s previous ballads.  This week it dopes nine spots to No. 13.

14. (+1) SHINee – 루시퍼 (Lucifer)
Score: 377
Genre: Pop/Dance
External from soompi imageMusic: Yoo Young Jin, Jhun, Kapit, Rexha / Lyrics: Yoo Young Jin
Album: SHINee Vol. 2 Track 2 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of SHINee’s 2nd studio album with the same title, ‘Lucifer.’ It is an urban electronica song, which has an addictive appeal with an intense and sophisticated rhythm. The lyrics express that if he and his emotions are put under restriction in a relationship, then there’s no future and the relationship will eventually come to an end. SHINee’s transformation as powerful performers can be seen on stage. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

15. (-5) BoA 허리케인 비너스 (Hurricane Venus) 
Score: 365
Genre: Pop/Dance
External from soompi imageMusic: Lidbom, Hansen, Wik Lyrics: Kenzie, BoA, Hong Ji Yoo
Album: BoA Vol. 6 Track 2 Purchase this album    
Watch: MV Live Performance 
Comment: This is the title track of BoA’s 6th studio album with the same title, “Hurricane Venus.” It is a song with a powerful chorus and lyrics about a woman who loves intensely like a hurricane. The addition of sexy grooves and beats perfected BoA’s seductive charisma and performance. It shows the determination of BoA, who’s back on stage in Korea after many years. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

16. (+5) Park Hyo Shin – 널 사랑한다 (I Love You)
Score: 362
Genre: Pop Ballad 
External from soompi imageMusic:  Kim Do Hoon, Hwang Se Joon / Lyrics: Kan Eun Kyung
Album: SBS Drama “Athena” OST Part 1
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment:  Veteran artist, Park Hyo Shin releases “I Love You,” the first song for the long awaited drama series, “Athena.” Park has already participated in the soundtrack for hit dramas including “I’m Sorry I Love You” and “Iljimae,” gaining much love and recognition for them – thus it is no surprise that this song was also anticipated by many. The singer does a great job showcasing his vocals and is expected to capture listeners’ ears.  This song moves up five spots to No. 16 this week.

17. (-3) Davichi – 난 너에게 (Better Together)   
Score: 343
Genre: Pop Ballad
External from soompi imageMusic: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: Ahn Young Min  
Album: Cho Young Soo All-Star 2010 digital single   
Watch: MV
Comment: This is the title track of Davichi’s single album, ‘Cho Young-soo All Star 2010.’ It’s a song about a fun and delightful love story. It is an iconic summer song that highlights Davichi’s powerful vocals with magnificent sounds from a 30-piece orchestra. The sweet lyrics and upbeat melody is bound to infect the listener with happiness. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

18. (+1) Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl     
Score: 325
Genre: Pop / Dance 
External from soompi imageMusic + Lyrics: Park Jin Young 
Album: Miss A first single “Bad But Good” Track 1 Purchase this album 
Watch: MV Live Performance 
Comment: This is the title track of Miss A’s first single album, ‘Bad But Good.’ It’s Miss A’s debut single, which became the talk of the town even before its release because it was produced by Park Jin-young. It’s a medium tempo song with a combination of a rich European-style musical melody and intense American-style hip-hop rhythm. The straight-forward lyrics where the girls confidently express themselves are impressive. (credits to Arirang TV – Pops In Seoul)

19. (+17) KCM – 3년이 지났어  (3 Years Passed) *** BIGGEST MOVER OF THE WEEK ***
Score: 309
Genre: Pop Ballad
External from soompi image Music + Lyrics: KCM
Album: KCM Digital Single “3 Years Passed” Track 1    
Watch: MV  Live Performance
Comment: Ballad artist KCM, who has a distinctive husky voice, comes back with a digital single “3 Years Passed”.  This time KCM writes both the song and the lyrics.  It is a listener friendly ballad that fits the singer’s voice perfectly.  This week “3 Years Passed” is our biggest mover, up 17 spots to No. 19.

20. (-3) Zi-A – 웃음만 (Just A Smile)  
Score: 295
Genre: Pop Ballad
External from soompi image  Music: KZ / Lyrics: Kim Ina, D’Day
Album: Zi-A mini-album “Difference” Track 1 Purchase this album    
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Zi-A transforms and makes a comeback with a new mini album titled, “Difference.” The singer already has many hit songs under her belt including “Gaze,” “Feel Like Bursting,” and “Have One Glass of Alcohol With Me.” This time, Zi-A joins hands with  producer Jo Young Chul who helped Brown Eyed Girls rise to fame with “Abracadabra” and producer Choi Gap Won. The title track is “Just a Smile”, which was composed by the composer who wrote Narsha’s “Queen B” and Brown Eyed Girl’s “Glam Girl.” This hybrid ballad will show yet another side of Zi-A who’s known for her popular ballads.  This week it drops three spots to No. 20.

21. (+1) Lee Seung Chul – 그 사람 (That Person) : 290

22. (New) G.O & Nassun – OIWIO : 252   *** HOT SHOT DEBUT ***

23. (-11) Cho Shin Sung – 그리운 날에 (On The Days I Miss You) : 242

24. (New) Davichi & Electroboyz – 너를 그린다 (Drawing You) : 238

25. (New) Kara – 2Me : 234

26. (-8) Hwan Hee – ..하다가 (…While Doing) : 229

27. (–) Infinite – She’s Back : 226

28. (+16)Trax – 오 나의 여신 (Oh! My Goddess) : 221

29. (-6) Lee Seung Ki – 정신이 나갔었나봐 (I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind) : 206

30. (-6) Lee Sun Hee – 여우비 (Sun Shower) : 157

31. (New) Sunnyside – 나쁜 남자 착한 여자 (Bad Man, Nice Woman) : 134

32. (+8) Gil Me (feat. K. Will) – 미안해 사랑해서 (Sorry for Loving You) : 133

33. (-2) An Jin Kyung – 사랑이 딱해 (Love Is Pitiful) : 125

34. (New) Dalmatian – Round 1 : 109

35. (-9) Se7en – Better Together : 103

36. (-4) Bobby Kim – 외톨이 (Loner) : 100

37. (-7) Outsider & MC Sniper (feat. Mr. Room9) – 나의 옛날이야기 (My Old Story ) : 95

38. (New) Gavy NJ – 그만하자 (Let’s End It) : 94

39. (-11) Nam Gyuk Band – 사랑해서 사랑해서 (Because I Love You Because I Love You) : 88

40. (New) Rumble Fish – 기분 좋은 말 (Feel Good Day) : 86

41. (New) Miss $ (feat. Jung Sul Gi) – 이 나이 먹고 뭐했길래 (What Did You Do At This Age) : 81

42. (New) Boo Hwal – 사랑해서 사랑해서 (I Love You I Love You) : 77

43. (New) Prana – 실험 (Experiment) : 76

44. (-11) G.na – 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 (I’ll Back Off So Live Well) : 70

45. (-10) Jae Joo Boys (feat. Yozoh) – 손잡고 허밍 (Humming While Holding Hands) : 65

46. (-1) JQT – 알 거 없잖아 (Nothing For You to Know) : 64

47. (-18) HybRefine – Cosmic Dance : 61

48. (–) Goofy – 못난 남자야 (I’m a Foolish Man) : 60

49. (-2) Kim Yeon Woo – 가끔은 혼자 웁니다 (Sometimes I Cry Alone) : 53

50. (New) Namolla Family (feat. Worre) – Give Me One More : 46

Blue: Songs to watch out under top 20

Green: Editor’s recommendation under top 20


The May – 달맞이 추억 (Memories Of Dalmagi)

Genre: Modern Rock

External from soompi image

Album: The May 1st EP Track 3

Listen To: Full Song (thanks to Mardi09 for uploading)

Comment: Composed by J (Lee Jong Un) of Shade music label and bassist Ji Yong Gwan, project band, The May makes its debut this year. Their first album consists of four songs of the modern rock genre. The songs which were produced, composed, penned, and arranged by the band members themselves, were recorded in Korea and Japan. The title track, “Memories Of Dalmagi” was actually a song from J’s own work but was re-arranged to fit The May’s colors. (credits to motoway065 for translations)


Lee Soo Young – Grace

Genre: Pop Ballad

External from soompi image

Album: Lee Soo Young Vol. 7 (2006) Track 2

Watch: MV Live Performance

Comment: Lee Soo Young (real name Lee Ji Yeon) is a famous Korean ballad singer.  Many people referred her as “Queen Of Ballad”.  She debuted in 1999 with “I Believe” and all her music since have made hits and chart toppers.  Lee Soo Young won the MBC Gayo Daesang in both 2003 and 2004, an award given to the most outstanding singer that year.  She has released 9 albums and 5 mini-albums as well as many OSTs. Lee Soo Young is well recognised for her strong voice that carries emotions, especailly sad ballads very well. Grace is the main track from her 7th album in 2006 that was number one in the charts near end of January and continued on into February. (credits to ~S2~)

About the soompi music chart:

Soompi Music Chart is unlike any other music charts or television rankings.  It takes into account not only sales and rankings by various other charts in Korea, but also airplays of each song, the number of live performances and appearances, making it an unbiased and objective tally of what’s going on in the world of K-pop.  When we compare our chart to the GAON Music Chart which is now the official music chart in Korea, we are very closely matched.  Our chart is composed of the following sources:

Air Monitor Chart – 15%
Cable Sources (MNet, KMTV, Cable Airplays) – 15%
Various Internet charts (Dosirak, Bugs,  Melon, Naver, Monkey3, Daum, Cyworld, Soribada) – 15%
ChartKorea – 10%
Hottracks Weekly Album Sales (2 weeks lag) – 10%
SBS  Inky  Gayo Take 7 + Internet Chart + MP3 Download Chart – 10%
MBC Inky Top 100 Chart – 10%
KBS Music Bank K-Chart – 10%
Gasoo appearance  on gayo shows  (MBC Music Core, SBS Inky Gayo, KBS Music Bank, MNet M!Countdown, MBC Music Travel LaLaLa, SBS Kim Jung Eun Chocolate, KBS Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook, MTV Non-stop, Pops In Seoul) – 5%

Thanks to Mardi09 for helping on this week’s internet chart research.