Weki Meki‘s Kim Doyeon is bring praised for her model-like visuals and proportions.

kim doyeon kim doyeon1

Even when the idol is just standing, she exudes a model vibe. People believe that she could easily blend in with the girls on the runways.

kim doyeon2

And in close-up photos, there is no signs of any flawless. IT’s like she’s a goddess come down to earth!

kim doyeon3

Her side profile is also stellar, with a jawline that could kill and a high nose bridge. She is the epitome of beauty, and she could easily be scouted for any fashion shows if she wanted.

kim doyeon4 kim doyeon5

Even candid, the idol looks absolutely gorgeous.

kim doyeon6

From the front…

kim doyeon7

… to her back, she is 100% model worthy!

kim doyeon8