In a recent pictorial and interview for @star1 magazine, Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon offered the contestants of Mnet’s “Produce 48” some personal advice!

The “Produce 101” veteran and former I.O.I member is currently preparing to promote with fellow Weki Meki member Choi Yoojung and WJSN (Cosmic Girls) members Seola and Luda as the project group WJMK. When asked about the differences between Weki Meki and WJMK, Kim Doyeon remarked, “I’m one of the older members in Weki Meki, but in WJMK, [Choi] Yoojung and I are the youngest members. Unlike Weki Meki, [WJMK] has a cute vibe.”

She added with a laugh, “I think I’ll be able to show people my cute side.”

Kim Doyeon went on to talk about the various types of wisdom she has gained since debuting as a member of I.O.I in 2016. Expressing confidence in her personal style, she commented, “After trying a wide variety of makeup styles, I’ve figured out the makeup look that best fits my face and my image. I’ve also lost a lot of weight recently, so I think my face looks a little smaller on screen.”

The idol also reassured her fans about her health, saying, “I can’t live without food. I always make sure to eat, so I hope my fans don’t worry about me looking thin.”

When asked to describe herself in a single word, Kim Doyeon chose “potential.” She explained, “Even though I’m afraid of things I haven’t tried before, once I actually face them, I end up doing a good job. I think I have potential in many different directions.”

She also shared her secret to staying grounded, revealing that she found happiness in ordinary things. “Everyday things, like going to the bookstore alone or crossing the street or using public transportation, have healing power for me,” she said. “Everyday things bring me a lot of joy. In this line of work, there are many times when I need to lock up the real me, but as time goes on, that makes you lonelier and lonelier. Instead of hiding even more, I go out in order to interact with people.”

The I.O.I members recently reunited for a special appearance on the upcoming Mnet show “Produce 48.” Kim Doyeon spoke fondly of the experience, recalling, “It was the first time that we all met up after disbanding. We rushed to hug each other tightly as soon as we met. It made me emotional when we stood in line and shouted out [I.O.I’s official greeting], ‘Yes, I love it!’”

The Weki Meki member then advised the “Produce 48” contestants to stay true to themselves throughout filming.

“I think the most important thing is to go about [the show] in a way that’s true to your own individual personality,” said Kim Doyeon. Looking back on her own experience on the first season of “Produce 101,” she continued, “”Because I’m relatively shy, I avoided the cameras a lot. But even though I was so shy, I think that I was able to join I.O.I because the nation’s producers liked that side of me.”

“Produce 48” is currently scheduled to premiere on June 15 at 11 p.m. KST.

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