Management agency Wellmade Yedang recently issued an official response to the lawsuit filed by Imagine Asia against their actors Lee Sun Bin, Jin Ji Hee, and Yoon Seo.

On April 24, Wellmade Yedang stated, “It is true that Imagine Asia’s side has claimed that Lee Sun Bin, Jin Ji Hee, and Yoon Seo should be prohibited from entertainment activities. However, these actors terminated their former contracts with that agency through the proper means. At the time of termination, Imagine Asia agreed to the terms and requested payment of prior expenses. We have paid them all that was due.”

They added, “It is unfair on Imagine Asia’s part to suddenly claim that a year-old contract termination is invalid. We will appoint a lawyer and take strong action against their claim.

Meanwhile, Imagine Asia had stated earlier that it had filed a lawsuit with the court for damages and a ban on entertainment activities against the three actors due to the termination of exclusive contracts. In the statement, they said, “We have judged that there is a problem with the legitimacy of the reason for termination.”

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