BTS‘s is one of a kind, but a convincing look-alike had fans doing double-takes!


Meet Ruru Madrid, a Filipino actor known best for his break out role in Protégé: The Battle For The Big Artista Break, and for appearing in the television remake of GMA Network‘s Encantadia.

| Ruru Madrid/

At first glance, V and Ruru Madrid don’t look like twins, but style choices make all the difference.


On July 15, the actor tweeted this photo of himself in all-black, wearing a mask and sunglasses.

According to fans, he nailed V’s posture and fashion sense.

| Ruru Madrid/


The black and white photo quickly began circulating online, ending up on the Weverse app. When V saw it, he left this funny comment:


hahahahhaha Ah, seeing things like this makes me wonder if I should give up on working out…hahhaha

— V

Ruru Madrid has since responded to V’s love for the photo. On his official Facebook page, the actor sent “warm regards” to BTS and ARMY, expressing his admiration.