Actress Kang Sora revealed her thoughts on their skinship rate with Lee Teuk.

The recently aired episode of MBC “We Got Married” showed Lee Jang Woo and Eun Jung couple going away on a winter traveling while Lee Teuk and Kang Sora couple had a tarot card reading date.

During their restaurant date, Lee Teuk carefully asked Kang Sora’s thoughts on a couple’s skinship pace. Kang Sora answered, “I never been asked such a question. Isn’t it best when a person gets the feeling to do so?” Which Lee Teuk replied, “I always get those feelings. When do you think is the right moment time-wise?”

Then Lee Teuk continued and surprised Kang Sora by adding, “Do you want to kiss right now? While we are eating pasta?” Kang Sora tried to calm her husband down and said, “Aren’t we filming right now?” but the idol star caused laughter by asking the filming staff to “entrust the camera and leave them alone.”

However, Kang Sora revealed her true thoughts during the interview, “I was already thinking of doing it but it is better to do it naturally, does kissing have to be given a notice ahead of time?”