The main producer of MBC “We Got Married” spoke with local media to address the recent script allegations. The popular reality show was hit by rumors of following a script, instead of being made out of candid actions, after photos of a staff member holding a cardboard that read, “Let’s try the coconuts,” in front of T-ara’s Eunjung and Lee Jang Woo were revealed.

On March 12, the main producer Kim Joon Hyun spoke with Sports Chosun and said, “There are no scripts for the cast members. The staff members get the basic synopsis, but the cast members don’t get to read it in advance. They don’t have a script, and that’s why they actually have to use a cardboard on the set.”

“At the time, we were walking down a beautiful trail and Eunjung wanted to try the coconut. So we promised to have it on our way back up, but because there were so many people, the couple totally forgot about it. So in order to remind them of the coconut, our staff member used the cardboard,” he added.

“In fact, there are no variety shows that don’t use cardboards while recording. For ‘We Got Married,’ it’s a reality show, so we can’t really get involved directly. We use the cardboard once in a while, but that happens only very few times. Also, in a lot of cases, the cast members miss the sign or don’t even mention it on the show,” he continued.

The producer actually said he’s thankful for all the attention and he takes it as a positive sign. “I think it’s actually a good sign that so many people are interested in our show. And if anybody can find a writer who can come up with the script for any of our ‘We Got Married’ episodes, I’ll gladly sign that person for over a million dollars,” he said.