T-ara’s Eun Jung recently felt some jealousy towards miss A’s Suzy.

On the March 24 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” the Lee Jang Woo – Eun Jung couple (WooJung couple) made a visit to the nail salon.

In the episode, actor Lee Jang Woo looked slightly embarrassed while he got his nails done, as it was his first time. Eun Jung thought that was very cute of him.

At this time, Eun Jung discovered miss A’s manager at the salon. Coincidentally, miss A was getting their nails done in the same shop, on the floor above them. Lee Jang Woo, whose expression suddenly brightened, blurted, “Miss A is here?” At this, Eun Jung replied with a hint of jealousy, “Yes, miss A is here. Suzy is here too.”

Then, Eun Jung made a phone call to Suzy. She told her, “Lee Jang Woo over here is totally excited.” Jang Woo was kind of mad at her for mentioning his name, but looked excited at the thought of meeting Suzy.

After the phone call, Jang Woo said, “We should apply for a membership here, with miss A,” smiling rather mischievously. This made Eun Jung all the more jealous.

In the follow-up interview, Lee Jang Woo revealed, “I was just playing around. I just wanted to make Eun Jung jealous, as a kind of joke.”

Without hiding her jealousy, Eun Jung explained, “Suzy is very pretty, so I thought that [Jang Woo] oppa would of course want to meet her. I just assumed that.” She added cooly, “But I wanted to meet her first, before I let him meet her.”