Seohyun from Girls’ Generation showed her “straight and narrow daily life” even at the hair salon and it’s drawing a lot of fans’ eyes.

On April 17, a post Seohyun was made on an online community site with the title, “Seohyun’s makeup salon photo.”

In this revealed photo, Seohyun is looking at the script while getting her hair done. Seohyun fixed her bangs with a pin, so it seems like she’s reading the script while waiting.

Because Seohyun has revealed that she likes reading and she reads a lot while waiting in the car, her image of “straight and narrow daily life girl,” even at the salon is drawing eyes.

Netizens who saw Seohyun’s photos reacted, “She doesn’t waste any time while she’s getting her hair done. Even though she’s young, I have a lot to learn from her,” and “The way she reads the script is very elegant and beautiful.”