With 2NE1 beginning their activities for “Falling In Love” in earnest, now is a great time to ask if the girls hope to appear on any other shows during their promotional period. Well, good news because they were asked that question during “Show! Music Core” and the responses are certainly interesting to say the least.

As we previously reported, YG has loosened their restrictions on their artists appearing on TV shows and we finally got to see 2NE1 back on “Show! Music Core” after a two-year absence. During the show’s interview section MC Noh Hong Chul talked about 2NE1’s intent on taking over the variety show world and asked them which of the MBC variety shows they would like to appear on.


Park Bom told him she would like to appear on “Infinity Challenge.” When asked what kind of special she would like to appear on she talks about how she wants to be in a special that involves getting into a light scuffle with Noh Hong Chul. 

Meanwhile, Sandara remarks that she would like to be on “We Got Married” with Noh Hong Chul as her partner, to which Noh Hong Chul thanks her for and notes how “Their age difference isn’t that great” and that “No one is going will complain even if they joined the show immediately.”

To be frank, whole exchange was more lip service towards Noh Hong Chul more than any ardent desire to appear on either shows, but it’s still interesting to consider the possibility. Actually Park Bom has already appeared once on “Infinity Challenge,” featuring in the “West Coast Express Music Festival” special with G-Dragon. I, however, don’t really expect to see them on that show any time soon given the show rarely does supremely well when they involve guests of any sort. As for “We Got Married” on the other hand, a Sandara-Hong Chul coupling sounds very interesting and the sheer lunacy of that pairing could be amazing. Anyone else think so or would Sandara be better off with another partner?