As the second half of “Protect The Boss” begins, Sohn Jung Hyun, the series’ PD, reveals, in an interview with Newsen, some facts about the drama as well was what to expect for the remainder of the hit series.

According to the PD, “(in the second half) The melodramatic parts of the four leads will be unfolded with more tension. With them in the center there will be a major event as well. And in the midst of this, please focus on Kim Jaejoong’s moves and feats.”

The previous episodes show Noh Eun Sul (played by Choi Kang Hee) in various situations due to her job as a secretary. She has dome everything from singing alone in a kitchen, to walking on the streets due to her boss. Apparently, situations such as those “are all real ones which were obtained through interviewing actual secretaries,” which makes the drama even more realistic. As he continues, he also reveals a spoiler for the remaining episodes. “The battles of the secretaries with sparks flying, such as the competition in being assigned the best seats on the airplane and such not-yet-revealed stories, will be portrayed.”

On the experience so far, he states that he sees himself as lucky to be surrounded by actors of such stature and talent. “All of the appearing cast are great at acting and also are good-natured and are warm human beings. I received much benefit through the actors in directing this drama.” He also thanks the viewers, promising that he will, “do my best to make “Protect The Boss” a drama which the viewers will wish to watch to the end, and one that makes them feel good.”

“Protect The Boss” airs every Wednesday and Thursday and 9:55PM (KST) on SBS.