For most it shouldn’t come as a surprise that even though Big Bang, along with other YG artists (Se7en, 2NE1, etc.) were in attendance at the YG Entertainment and Avex conference in Japan this past Thursday, Daesung, sadly, was absent.

YG Entertainment’s President, Yang Hyun Suk had this to say regarding Daesung and Big Bang’s future, “Daesung was not able to attend today. For the remainder of the year, he will be cautious and will show patience. He is extremely upset with himself and feels very apologetic to the other members. Because of this, Big Bang will not be promoting anything new for what is left of the year. The other members will wait for Daesung’s return. In any event, the situation has caused disappointment and upset among fans. Therefore, Daesung dreams of new hope for the rest of this year while he reflects.”

Although it will be at the very least six months before fans get to see Big Bang together once again, all is not lost as he continued, “Alternatively, the others who have solo or unit activities lined up will continue those as intended.  Beginning in September, the personal activities of the members will unfold simultaneously.  Although there won’t be a unified Big Bang, the individual characteristics of the members in their solo activities will hopefully soothe the disappointment of the fans.”

It may be a difficult situation for all and a decision that is hard to hear, one must acknowledge that YG is handling the incident in an appropriate manner.  Daesung needs some time to himself so he can rest and recuperate from what he has experienced over the course of the past three months.  When the time comes for him and Big Bang to make their comeback, they will not doubt give another stellar performance.  Big Bang might not perform together in what is left of 2011, but their music will still be heard during this time through solo and unit projects that are being worked on as we speak and are expected to start in early Fall of 2011.  2009 and 2010 proved how successful and great the efforts of the members were as their solo and unit albums along with their performances, the fruits of their labor, turned out.  That will make enduring the hiatus fly by and before anyone realizes it, it will be 2012 and Big Bang will be back better than ever!  Daesung and Big Bang we are supporting you, fighting!

What is your take on the comments and decisions made by YG Entertainment?  Do you agree or disagree?  Are you excited to hear new solo and unit content from the other Big Bang members?

Source: Nate