After School debuted as a 5 member group in early 2009, later on gaining 1 more member to make it a 6 member group. They’re under the same entertainment company as the #1 hit singer Son Dam Bi‘s company, Pledis Entertainment. After School, also known as “The Korean Pussycat Dolls”, has had 4 singles this year, all of which have been great. The first, AH! is an upbeat techno-ish hit released in January of this year. A few months later, it was announced that Uee would be joining
After School as a sixth member. She was first introduced to the public
as a friend of Wonder Girls member Yoobin on Introducing a Star’s Friend, where they revealed that they were initially part of a 5-member girl group with Good Entertainment but was eventually disbanded due to financial reasons. Their 2nd single, Diva was a more dancey song, as well as upbeat like AH! was. Their 3rd single, entitled Dream Girl, is a cover of the Japanese hit group Morning Musume’s song, Love Machine. After School‘s fourth single so far this year was a special Pledis Entertainment group special which featured all the members of After School and Son Dam Bi. This song, entitled Amoled, was for a special CF for the latest Samsung HP Model phone called AMOLED.

Now, you might ask why I’m writing this. I’m simply writing this article to inform you, the avid Soompi reader ([email protected]), about what this girl group has been up to recently, seeing as they’re not often updated as much as fellow girl groups this year such as 4minute and 2NE1. And also, I’m pretty bored on a Monday night, haha, so researching this is considered “fun” to me. (:

As of today, the busiest After School member seems to be Uee. Uee is busy shooting 2 episodes for the brand new drama, Queen Seon-duk. She’s also busy filming for the popular variety show, We Got Married, with fellow actor, Park Jae Jung. Uee and Park Jae Jung appear as the ‘virtual couple’ on the show. Uee has also recently shot a pictorial for the September issue of the magazine, Cosmopolitan, alongside fellow member, Gahee. The Cosmopolitan shoot was said to be 6 hours long, yet fun and featured Gahee livening up the mood by dancing for everyone. But that’s not all Uee has been up to, though. Uee also was just filmed in Mighty Mouth’s new music video, Love Class, alongside fellow girlgroup member, Hyunah, of 4minute, causing Uee to be quite busy with all the music shows such as Mucore and Inkigayo. So you’d think I’d be done discussing Uee, now? Nope! Not yet beacuse Uee also is gonna be appearing in a brand new CF alongside Boys Over Flowers cast Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong.

And the rest we have now… all of the girls did a small photoshoot for Forever 21. Joo Yeon, So Young and Jung Ah were busy in brand new rap duo, Sunny Side’s music video for their song, 아프죠. The music video has 2 versions. One version shows them recording the song in the studio, while the other version features only Sunny Side and has no After School in it. The After School members have also been occupied by promoting their latest single and also promoting the phone, Amoled, and some of their other songs, too at a few festivals/events recently such as The Dungeon Fighter Festival, Lotte vs Softbank baseball game and the 2009 World Taekwondo Hanmadang.

After School will also be competing for the best newcomer award this year, alongside 2NE1, 4minute, T-ara and Brand New Day. So if you haven’t checked out After School, yet.. make SURE you check them out!

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