A picture of Kara‘s Nicole in a wheelchair recently appeared on an online forum. The picture was titled, “Nicole arrives at the airport in a wheelchair; pushed by Kang Jiyoung.” In the picture, a gaunt-looking Nicole is wearing a mask and being pushed by fellow member Kang Jiyoung. Nicole, despite injuring her ankle during the KARASIA tour, has continued making scheduled appearances. Just the other day, March 3, Nicole appeared with Kara for the “Tokyo Girls Collection Show.”

Gyuri also recently underwent throat surgery, with news of her surgery being covered in Japan as well. Hopefully these two will make a safe, healthy recovery. Netizens who looked at Nicole’s picture commented, “How can she recover if she’s doing these activities?,” “I’m wishing for your speedy recovery,” “This is hard to look at. I bet it hurts a lot,” and “Good to see Jiyoung helping.” Kara released their new Japanese single “Speed Up/Girls Power” this month. Let’s all send some positive vibes to Nicole and Gyuri and hope they get well soon!