It has been reported that Wheesung, who is currently serving in the military, has been sentenced to three days in military jail for using his personal cell phone without permission.

Wheesung’s lawyer Son Soo Ho commented, “While Wheesung was serving as an army drill sergent in Nonsan, he suffered injuries on his back and scalp so he had to be admitted to the military hospital. During his hospital stay, he used his cell phone so he received a three day military jail time sentence.”

The laweyer continued, “Therefore, Wheesung’s discharge has been delayed for three days. His discharge date was August 6 but now has turned into August 9.”

“Wheesung used his phone at the hospital and not at the army training base. At the time, he was being accused of propofol abuse so he spent some time on the phone with people who would help him get cleared of those suspicions. He did not danger the security of the base and as a drill sergent, he diligently carried out his military life and even received many merits.”

Previously, Wheesung was investigated for accusations of propofol abuse. His lawyer stated in the past, “Wheesung was investigated for propofol abuse, but was cleared of charges. He received normal amounts of propofol while treating his back injuries and his alopecia areata. The number of times he received the drug was very small and he showed no signs of dependence or addiction to it at all.”

Meanwhile, other celebrity soldiers such as Sangchu and Se7en also received military jail sentences for violating military conduct on several counts.