On April 16 Ha Ji Won appeared at a screening of “Korea” which will release on May 3. She talked about the rigorous preparations she went through for “Korea.” She stated, “People expected that I would be able to learn table tennis within a day. That is why I started with so much pressure. However, I was the worst at swinging and kept making mistakes.”

Ha Ji Won added, “I think it is a miracle that I was able to finish filming this movie.”

As we reported earlier, Ha Ji Won actually learned how to play table tennis from the gold medalist that she will portray, Hyun Jung Hwa. If you look at Ha Ji Won’s track record, she had a diverse amount of intense roles. For “Sector 7” she got a diving license and motorcycle license. For “Secret Garden” she did action scenes because of her role as a stunt woman. Also for the current drama “The King 2hearts” she continues to do action scenes.

Ha Ji Won stated, “Sports is a lot more difficult than action. However, through this experience my prior thoughts of ‘There are some things that I can’t do’ changed to, ‘There is nothing that you can’t do.’”