Where Does Rainbow’s Jae Kyung Go for a Vacation? The answer seems to be the “mart.” (Market) On August 9th Jae Kyung wrote on her twitter, “KYA! It’s a vacation! What should I do?” She posted pictures of herself.

Then soon afterwards she wrote, “As a vacation spot, a cool mart is the best.” She then posted pictures of herself dragging around a shopping cart in the mart.

She wrote different captions for each picture such as, “So hot. I want to go into the ice-cream cooler,” “mom, buy this for me please?” “For this summer do you want to Took?!

Netizens who have come across the picture stated, “The Mart is fun cool and the best!” “Let’s eat tasty things together,” “You are so cute and pretty,” “Have a good vacation.

Rainbow will release their first Japanese single on September 14th and they will begin to promote their Japanese debut.