When speaking of the best place for having beer, what would come into your mind first? For a big name in K-Pop industry like Hyori, where do you think is her favorite place to enjoy a beer? Surprise surprise! It’s in front of the convenience store!


On July 23rd, the sexy diva tweeted a picture of her drinking beer in front of the convenience store, “The place where beer tastes the best! Under the umbrella in front of the convenience store.” As seen in the picture, she was chilling and seems to be enjoying her beer so much, simply just with a hat and casual clothing on!


Following by another tweet, she replied to her friend, “Yeah, kids are all in bed already. I just sneaked out for a beer like a wife.” The “kids” here refers to the dog and cats she have; besides the cats she have kept for long, it is known she added a new family member by adopting a dog earlier this year.

The dive is just so down to earth! Hyori mama, cheers!

Source: Hyori’s twitter