BEAST guested starred in yesterday’s episode of “Golden Fishery” and openly talked about a very touchy subject. During the episode, they revealed which member made the most money. Like other groups under Cube Entertainment, BEAST follows the equal pay distribution system where the pay is divided equally among all the members, even if a certain member “brought” in more money from CF, drama, and variety show appearances.

Host Kim Gura stated, “Well, Lee Ki Kwang does both solo and group work – he’s shot washing machine CFs with Lee Na Young. Yet, all the other members are still entitled to the money when all they’ve done is play around while he was busy working.”   

Yoon Jong Shin then went on to talk about Yong Junhyung’s income from his song compositions and writings, asking if the members shared the profits from his work. However, he revealed that his income from composing and songwriting were exempt from the policy because it was his own creative work.

Kim Gura added, “Poor Ki Kwang. He has to dance by a washing machine, and then split his money. It’s unfair.” When asked about his income, Junhyung answered, “It’s more than I can handle,” bringing in oos and ahhs from hosts Kim Hee Chul, Kim Kuk Jin, Kim Gura, and Yoon Jong Shin. 

Lee Ki Kwang’s adorable washing machine CF with Lee Na Young