IU’s outfit from last Friday’s episode of KBS’s “Music Bank in Tokyo K-pop Festival” has been garnering a lot of attention. The “nation’s little sister” wore a lovely floral patterned dress for the show in Tokyo, Japan. One of the reasons why this dress received so much attention was that the flowers printed on the dress looked a lot like the national flower of Korea, Mugunghwa (aka the rose of Sharon). Many netizens overplayed the “symbolism” behind her dress, calling her “patriotic girl” for wearing the national flower at an event overseas.

However, it’s been revealed that the outfit was from designer D&G’s Spring-Summer 2011 Collection and had nothing to do with Korea, nor it’s national flower. Afterwards, netizens commented, “I guess we slightly overreacted,” “I had no idea it was a designer’s,” and “Regardless, I think the dress is beautiful.” DBSK, SNSD, KARA, 2PM, BEAST, 4minute, Secret, Infinite, UKISS, Baek Ji Young, Rainbow, Park Hyun Bin, RANIA, and X-5 joined IU onstage.