At the July 9 press conference for the currently airing drama Mnet’s “Monstar,” the cast discussed which scenes were their “Best One Minute.”

Female lead Ha Yeon Soo picked a scene in episode one in which she sang “The Wind Blows.” “The Wind Blows” was originally sung by veteran singer Lee Sora, and in the drama, Ha Yeon Soo and her co-star Kang Eui Sik sang it together in a sad but beautiful harmony. Ha Yeon Soo was supporting Kang Eui Sik as he was getting bullied by his fellow classmates. Ha Yeon Soo said, “I remember it more since it was the first song I sang in the drama. The scene was even better since Eui Sik oppa is a veteran.”

Kang Eui Sik plays the role of Kyu Dong, bullied in class because of a past incident, and called the “Human Radio” because his classmates make him sing whenever they feel like it. He said of that duet scene with Ha Yeon Soo, “Because it was the first music scene, the filming was difficult. But I feel more attached to that scene because many people still talk about it.”

Kang Ha Neul, the third point of the love triangle between Ha Yeon Soo and BEAST‘s Yong Jun Hyung, said, “I often romanticized about scenes in which the background music comes out while the male lead is confessing.” He picked the scene in which his character, Sun Woo, sang “I Will Love You” to Ha Yeon Soo’s character, Se Yi. Kang Ha Neul said, “I’ve always like ‘I Will Love You.’ I want to sing this song to my bride when I get married later. I was particularly pleased because I got to play the guitar as I sang the song in the scene.”

Park Kyu Sun picked his favorite scene as the one in which he covered 2NE1′s “I Am the Best” in the drama. He said, “Many people, especially beatboxers, asked me if I did it myself. I didn’t do it live [at the scene]; it was a recording. We put in the buzzing sound and the rest was looped in.”

“Monstar” is a music drama that covers the lives, pain, and love of high school students, currently receiving praise for its soundtrack that covers a range of songs from different genres to generations, as well the character developments. It airs Friday nights on Mnet. 

Soompiers, are you watching “Monstar”? What is your favorite scene or song cover? My personal favorite is when Kang Eui Sik sings “For You Who Want My Desperation.” Originally sung by indie-rock duo Mot in 2004, this scene is a perfect example of what “Monstar” excels at: picking and portraying the song that best delivers the emotion and situation of the characters, while also propelling the plot forward.