On March 7, the SBS show “That I Want to Know” sought out the source behind the cancellation of Kim Tae Hee’s CF event. (Press Conference)

As we reported earlier, Kim Tae Hee’s CF event was cancelled. According to the Japanese sports newspaper “Sponichi,” the event was cancelled because of hateful comments on internet community boards. The negative comments had issue with using Kim Tae Hee as a model.

This is a continuation of the attack by some Anti-Hallyu protestors and Anti-Hallyu individuals. Their attack on Kim Tae Hee began on October 2011, when she appeared on the Japanese drama “Me and My Star’s 99 days.” The protestors had issue with Kim Tae Hee proclaiming that Dokdo was a part of Korea in 2005.

(The island known as “Dokdo” in Korea, “Takeshima” in Japan is the source of an on-going and bitter territorial dispute between Korea and Japan. Both countries are claiming that the islands belong to them. Kim Tae Hee’s assertion that the islands belong to Korea got her labeled as an “Anti-Japan Actress” by some Japanese netizens.)

“That I Want to Know” reported that there is a group in Japan called the “Net Right.” (Internet Right or Netizen Right) This group is part of the political right in Japan. They hold on and offline Anti-Hallyu activities.

“That I Want to Know” singled out one individual named “Sakurai Makoto.” He is a central figure of the “Net Right.” “That I Want to Know” claimed that the arguments made by the “Net Right” are being spread by “Anti-Korean” broadcasts and publishers.