Earlier today, several screenshots, titled “She Looks Like Song Ji Hyo,” were uploaded to online communities, surprising netizens with the striking resemblance between the actress and the girl in the photos.

The look-a-like is a swimmer named Son Da Hee, and she recently made an appearance on Mnet’s “The Blind Date.” Not only is she a top-class athlete (and best friends with “Marine Boy” Park Tae Hwan), she’s also very pretty. She’s garnered much attention among the other guests on the show for her resemblance to Song Ji Hyo.

Netizens commented, “She really looks like Song Ji Hyo,” “They look different yet similar in some indescribable way,” “She doesn’t look like Song Ji Hyo, but she’s still pretty,” and more. 

What about you? Do you think she can pass for Song Ji Hyo’s doppelganger?