For those of you that have been following Super Star K3, or are fans of Super Star K2, a girl that gives out t-shirts for contestants that have made it through the first round is gaining a lot of attention. During the first episode of “Super Star K3” the “T-Shirt Girl” gained attention when DJ DOC’s Lee Ha Neul began to notice and subsequently hit on her, making his manager buy her a cup of coffee.

Netizens in Korea began to investigate and figure out who she was, they found out that she was Yoo Jin Ah from SBS’ “Couple Jjak.”

SBS’ “Couple JJak” is a reality TV show where couples are made. Other than this girl, the contestants of Super Star K3 are also gaining a lot of attention and becoming highly searched key words. The first episode received 8.3% of viewership ratings, and this is high considering that Super Star K3 is a cable show.