Ever since the news got out about Lee Seung Gi’s withdrawal from SBS’s popular variety show “Strong Heart,” fans and the press have been speculating about his possible replacements. On March 8, local media OSEN gave some additional information on the strongest candidates to take the star singer/actor’s MC spot.

“We are actively seeking Lee Seung Gi’s replacement. For now, we’re leaning towards a two-top MC format, comprised of one actor and one male variety personality. We’ve sent out our offers to several people and we’re tuning out our final plan,” an SBS official was quoted as saying.

The reason SBS is leaning towards a two-male MC spot is to keep the identity of “Strong Heart” consistent with its past. “Strong Heart” started out with Kang Ho Dong, and later added Lee Seung Gi, as they never had a female MC in the past.

“It’s a late night variety show so naturally we have more female viewers, and that’s part of the reason we prefer male MCs. Having two strong male personalities lead the talk makes an interesting format. Also, the combination of an actor and variety show personality allows us to recruit guests in more diverse fields,” SBS added.

It continued, “We’re currently looking at a lot of different candidates. Of course, there could be changes in terms of the gender or job of the new MC. We have some recordings save up so the new MCs will film their first episode in early April. Since we have some time, we’re being extra careful with our decision.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi will drop out of “Strong Heart” after the filming on March 15. His finale episode is scheduled to air on April 4. Who would you like to see as Lee Seung Gi’s replacement?