In this edition of “Who Wore It Better,” we’re giving a slight twist to it. 2PM’s Taecyeon and England’s star soccer player David Beckham didn’t exactly wear the same outfits, but they appeared on the same cover of this month’s Men’s Health Magazine, drawing comparisons on who looked better as cover models.

Taecyeon graced the cover of the Korean edition of Men’s Health. He went topless to show off his crazy abs and sick biceps, while David Beckham went simple with a white shirt on the UK version of the magazine. Neither star needed much cloth to appeal to the fans. Taecyeon only wore gray sweatpants for the photoshoot, but Beckham didn’t even need to bare any skin to flaunt his sexiness.

Netizens seemed largely split over the decision on who looked better as the cover model as they commented, “Perfect sexy star Taecyeon beats the best sexy guy Beckham,” “They each wore just sweatpants and a white shirt, but how can they look so sexy?” and “Taecyeon’s sexy abs are all we need.”

It’s awfully hard for us to name a winner in this battle as both Taecyeon and Beckham are just unbelievably hot in these photos. Taecyeon obviously has the size and “animal-idol” appeal, but Beckham’s classy look and toned down body is hard to beat. So, what is your take on this? Who would you pick?