Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In and Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung have been captured wearing the same dress, which is becoming a hot topic.

A recent post made on an online community forum titled, “Ga In vs. Min Kyung – Same Clothes Different Feeling” entailed several photos.

In the photos, Ga In and Kang Min Kyung are wearing the same pink dress. Ga In’s pink dress picture is from a photo shoot as she shows off her shapely legs and her trendy fashion sense. Kang Min Kyung’s photos are captures of MBN’s show, “Vampire Idol.” She is wearing the same pink dress, which showed off her curvy body and emphasized her snow white skin.

Netizens who came across these photos commented, “Both of them are pretty,” “Is it because it’s a photo shoot? My eyes are drawn more to Ga In,” “Why does the dress look plain on Kang Min Kyung?” “That’s a hard dress to pull off – both look very good,” and a lot more.

Meanwhile, Ga In recently released “For You Not To Know” for Yoon Il Sang’s 21st anniversary celebratory album.