Recently, a photo comparing Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany to Olympic rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon Jae has made waves online for their similar yet contrasting styles.

In the photo uploaded on online community boards, both stars are seen wearing the same exact dress designed by local brand, EnC. The brown-toned dress is a simple one-piece with a dark leather belt stressing the bodyline of each celebrity.

Both Tiffany and Son Yeon Jae are sporting long, wavy hair for a classy look, but they still exude very different images. Tiffany, with her trademark “eye smile” and slightly bleached hair, gives a more mature look, while Son Yeon Jae looks like a college freshman that just got out of high school.

Netizens commented, “It’s difficult to pick one over another,” “Why do you have to compare people?” and “Son Yeon Jae has that foxy look.”

So Soompiers, who wore it better – Tiffany or Son Yeon Jae?