All sisters share (or secretly “borrow”) each others clothes, and the same goes for celebrity siblings Jessica and Krystal Jung. In a prior interview, Krystal revealed that because both she and Jessica are celebrities, they try to avoid overlapping clothes. However, the famous Jung sisters were recently spotted wearing the same dress! Guess it was just too hard to avoid sibling telepathy! Scroll through the gallery to see which outfit it was they shared, as well as other styles they purposely matched with each other. 

Jessica wore the epitaph tube dress while filming her Hyundai Motors PYL CF, while Krystal wore hers to the 2012 Busan International Film Festival. 


Jessica and Krystal decked out  matching Jill Sander outfits for a fashion spread in “Marie Claire.” 


Krystal shared, “We came out of our rooms and whoa. Telepathic striped JUNGs.”

Krystal and Jessica wore their matching tracksuits on the set of “Dream Team S2.”

The Jung sisters sowed off their matching graphic T-shirts in pink and white. 


Krystal and Jessica sported a couple hat on their way to work. Krystal tweeted, “Going to work with unni in a couple hat.” 

Krystal and Jessica greeted their fans at the finale of one of their SMTown concerts. 

Jessica and Krystal posed with labelmates Yesung and Eunhyuk in matching hot pink tops during a photoshoot for their label.