Recently, a photo comparing two of the hottest K-Pop divas, Lee Hyori and G.NA, in a tight one-piece swimsuit surfaced online. In the photo titled “Lee Hyori and G.NA in the same swimsuit,” the two sexy queens are posing in a one-piece swimsuit that has the side of their belly part cut out, which is more commonly known as a “monokini.”

Although their outfits have similar design and the two stars look incredibly hot, it’s extremely hard to pick one over the other. They are already known for their smoking hot body lines, and with just a one-piece “monokini” on, Lee Hyori and G.NA show off their perfectly balanced “S” line curves. In fact, Lee Hyori seems to be going for the more mature and sexy look, while G.NA’s light makeup give her more of an innocent and pure image. 

Netizens commented, “Lee Hyori and G.NA’s body lines are just god-gifted,” “G.NA’s body’s just unfair,” and “Hyori has that ‘U Go Girl’ look.”

If you had to pick a winner, who would you pick?