“Sexy Diva” Lee Hyori and Girls’ Generation’s resident long legs Choi Sooyoung have been caught wearing the same outfit and you know what that means.. netizens will compare and oh, compare they do.

The little pink number is part of Emilio Pucci’s collection. The cut is slim at the waist to bring out the feminine appeal of any who wishes to be it’s master. The gold decorations on the upper part of the dress adds natural volume to one’s shape and the dress stops right below the knees for a classy finish.

Hyori wears the dress during an episode of “You and I.” She brings her sexy charms and fills out the dress with her healthy S-line figure. Her tanned skin and medium-length dark brown hair shows off her healthy and glamorous body.

Sooyoung also appears as an MC for KBS’s “Quiz On Korea.” She styles her hair up in an elegant bun and wears a pink shade lipstick to appeal the audience with her lovely charms.

Netizens who saw the comparison picture commented, “They both look good in their own way,” “There’s no winner. They both are pretty,” “Lee Hyori’s the best as the sexiest,” “Sooyoung is really skinny.”

Soompiers, who do you think looks better? Or is it a tie?