No one wants to be alone on Christmas, and we can all dream about which celebrities we would love to spend the holidays with. Recently a poll of 500 people was conducted by Grand Plastic Surgery to find out which male and female celebrity people most want to spend Christmas with. Actor Song Joong Ki and miss A’s Suzy were the top two celebrities that most people want to spend Christmas with.

Song Joong Ki was the number one male celebrity receiving 37% (185 votes) of the votes. His sweet and pure romance with Park Bo Young in “Wolf Boy” captivated the hearts of women. The man with singing, acting, and variety charms, Lee Seung Gi came in second with 22% (110). Recently discharged actor Hyun Bin was third with 18% (90), and global sensation PSY was fourth with 12% (60). “Super Star K 4” winner Roy Kim made it to fifth with 11% (55) of the votes.

The female leader of this survey was Suzy with 34% (170) of the votes. Although the “Nation’s First Love” is independent and “doesn’t need a man”, her male fans continue to show their love for her. Singer IU was second with 23% (115). Moon Chae Won of “Nice Guy” came in third with 7% (85). Kang Yae Bin of “Rude Miss Young Ae 11” received a close 16% (80), and Song Joong Ki’s costar Park Bo Young ended the rankings with 10% (50).

A representative of Grand Plastic Surgery said, “Song Joong Ki shows a soft and sleek image with his large sankapul-less eyes, sharp nose, refreshing smile, and soft skin. Suzy’s V-line face, eyes, nose, and mouth have a good ratio. Particularly, the shape of her eyes when she smiles is very charming.”