Did you ever have that “Is she really going out with him” moment with Korean celebrities?

Apparently, a lot of Korean netizens did when they first saw the Lee Hyori-Lee Sang Soon couple last November. In an online survey run by Nate Film from March 19 to 26, fans were asked to pick “Korea’s Beauty and the Beast Couple.” Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon received a whopping 46% of the votes, becoming the overwhelming top pick for the “hottie-nottie” celebrity couple.

In second place came comedian Jung Hyung Don and his wife Han Yoo Ra. Actress Han Hye Jin and the Brown Eyed Soul’s Na Ul took third place, followed by Gong Hyo Jin and Ryu Seung Bum.

Netizens commented, “Lee Sang Soon must be really talented in something,” “Korea’s best beauty and the beast couple is obviously those two,” and “I want to date Lee Hyori, too!”

Who is your top “beauty and beast” couple?