Fans were abuzz over Ivy’s sexy and scandalous performance at the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) held in Seoul Saturday night.  Based on a vampire theme (sparked by the popularity of Twilight series perhaps), the introductory video featured a fanged Ivy.  At the start of the performance, she seductively picked out 2PM’s Nickhun from the audience.  Initially, Nickhun seemed shocked at her selection, but it soon became obvious that he was prepped for the act.  Her performance ended with a near-kiss and actual bite on the neck.

Viewers watching the live broadcast immediately began posting their comments on sites like Twitter.  Some expressed their opinion that Ivy would now attract the attention of the Antis for her sexy behavior towards Nickuhn. One commenter wrote, “Now ivy and jyp can compete and see who got the most antis.” IVY wait for your antis,” another person posted. 

Tell us what you think! Should Ivy run and hide from the Antis? You can watch the performance here.