“K-Pop Star 6” recently came to an end with the young duo Boyfriend (Park Hyun Jin, Kim Jong Seob) taking the final win, and viewers are curious as to what’s next for the group.

Especially given that the two are the youngest contestants ever to win the audition program, at eleven years old, they may come out of the other end of training with a different style than was shown in “K-Pop Star,” depending on the agency that they choose to sign with.

Reports are speculating that the duo will go to YG. Yang Hyun Suk himself, after Boyfriend’s final performance on the program, gave the group the maximum 100 points and said, “You two have to come to YG.” He also said, “I want to debut [Boyfriend] with YG. [Boyfriend] makes me want to try something new. The two could become like GD and Taeyang.”

However, a source from YG was reluctant to confirm the news, simply saying, “Because the members of Boyfriend are minors, we are currently in discussions with their parents.” The source said that YG will always support the duo regardless of their final decision: “We think the members’ opinions and their preferred choices of agencies is the most important. Even if they don’t sign with YG, we will always wish them the best.”

PD Park Sung Hoon of “K-Pop Star” spoke about the young pair: “When you watch Boyfriend off stage, they’re like babies. But when they go on, they contradict all your assumptions that they’re small and shy. And their rehearsals are very different from their live performances. They have the ability to really have fun on stage. They reminded everyone why it’s important to enjoy performing.”

Watch Boyfriend’s final performance on “K-Pop Star” here.

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