Lee Seung Gi not only manages many different hats as a singer, actor, variety show personality, and main MC, (as well as being a top student), but he has received awards for the first three- redefining the meaning of “triple crown.”

As such, it was quite a compliment when comedian and actor Park Gyu Sun introduced Kang Ha Neul as “the next Lee Seung Gi” at the press conference for tvN’s drama “Monstar.” He continued, “Kang Ha Neul has both the variety and acting chops. With his animated personality and well-rounded abilities, I think he’ll become the next Lee Seung Gi. He’s a friend to look out for.”

Kang Ha Neul also has experience as a musical actor and showed off his singing prowess through “Monstar.” He’s currently receiving much love as “uhm chin ah” (the person many mothers would compare their childs to) Jung Sun Woo, who oozes with charisma and appeal.

Kang Ha Neul shared his feelings about the drama, “[The drama] is fun because I’m able to act and sing like in a musical. Rather than falling into the role of the character, I want to think that I’m able to have the strength to focus through music.”

Meanwhile, the director in charge of “Monstar” also directed popular dramas “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “Cinderella Sister.” Beast’s Yong Jun Hyung, Ha Yeon Soo and Kim Min Young are also part of the cast.

 kang ha neul inside