Super Junior’s Kang In will complete his 21-month military service on April 16, officially becoming available to rejoin his old group. With his discharge from the military, fans are wondering if the original Super Junior member will attempt a comeback through his old group. After being involved in a number of controversial incidents in 2009, Kang In received a lot of negative press and many fans turned away from him, which led him to enlist in the army in July, 2010.

But it’s widely believed that SM Entertainment has already confirmed Kang In’s return to Super Junior. Super Junior is reportedly preparing for their new album in the first half of this year, and many industry experts are predicting Kang In’s return through this album.

“The Super Junior members have become closer than ever. Whenever Kang In came out for vacation, he met with the members at their dorm and spent time together to straighten out any misunderstandings,” a representative of SM told local media.

During Kang In’s enlistment, Super Junior made consecutive hits with their 4th album “Mi In Ah” and 5th album “Mr. Simple.” They also had a successful world tour, even performing in Paris twice. But Super Junior members have repeatedly expressed how much they missed Kang In while he was gone. During a MBC “Radio Star” episode in 2010, the Super Junior members said, “When the incident had happened, we felt betrayed, but as time passed by, we realized the Super Junior members are the only people who can really look after him.”

Also, during the “Super Show 3” concert in 2010, Kang In’s hologram appeared on stage, showing the members’ affection for Kang In. Some of the Super Junior members are also expected to show up at the discharge ceremony next week. Are you ready for Kang In’s return?