Due to the 19th General Election in Korea, “Rooftop Prince” and “The King 2Hearts” will not be airing today, April 11. MBC and SBS announced that they will be broadcasting ballot counts and election results instead of the two dramas. Two episodes of “Rooftop Prince” and “The King 2Hearts” will air consecutively on April 12, instead. 

As a result, many are intrigued to see if “The Equator Man” will be able to attract more viewers as it will still air on April 11. Due to extreme popularity of “Rooftop Prince” and “The King 2Hearts,” “The Equator Man” has been having somewhat disappointing viewing ratings.

However, “The Equator Man” had a successful transition from its child actors to adult actors and have had improved viewing ratings in the past week. Some are optimistically expecting “The Equator Man” to change the viewing ratings trend in the absence of the two other shows. In the previous week, “The King 2Hearts” scored 12.1%, “Rooftop Prince” 12.5%, and “The Equator Man” 10.2% in the ratings.