The Black Eyed Peas surprised 2NE1‘s CL with a cake for her birthday. On the morning of March 1, 2NE1 member Sandra Park wrote on her me2day account, “I’m at the recording studio~! has prepared a surprise birthday cake for CL, who’s birthday was a few days ago! We’re having a surprise birthday party! This is so nice! Cute will oppa! Once again, Happy Birthday to CL!” Sandara posted the picture below with her post.

In the picture, CL is holding the birthday cake that she received from Netizens were particularly taken with’s large, unique sunglasses. Amongst their comments were, “They look friendly,” “Happy Birthday, again!,” “I’m envious that you can call ‘oppa’,” “Sandara Park has the best comments,” and “The both of them have a great sense of fashion.” gave a performance, “Will I Am In Seoul” at a Seoul club on February 29. His next performance will be in Tokyo.