WINNER has returned as a four-member group after a year and two months!

At an interview for their comeback, they revealed their thoughts on Nam Tae Hyun leaving the group last November.

Kang Seung Yoon stated, “Nam Tae Hyun couldn’t continue with us due to health reasons. It’s true that it was a hard time for us. Rather than thinking lightly of it, we were worried about our fans, since we had lots of fans who supported him. Also, he had been doing a good job as the main vocalist, so we were also concerned about that. But we can’t spend all of our time worrying, and we decided that we shouldn’t make our fans wait anymore, so we got right into working on music for a comeback. We worked hard to improve our individual skills so that fans wouldn’t feel like there’s an empty spot. We had no choice but to become better.”

Providing more details, Kim Jinwoo expressed, “I got more vocal parts after Nam Tae Hyun left, so I thought hard about how I could do a good job in them. I focused mostly on [improving] my vocals. I received lessons when I wasn’t working, and I recorded the song multiple times. I just kept practicing and practicing.”

“Now we’re four, so we have to accept that. I think in our fans’ hearts, it will forever be the five of us. I don’t want to erase the five-member WINNER, but please support us as four members as well,” Kang Seung Yoon continued.

Check out their music videos for “Really Really” and “Fool”!

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