WINNER member Kim Jin Woo and his dad got to spend some quality family time together on the December 3 episode of MBC’s “Wizard of Nowhere.”

The father and son took a night stroll to the thermal hot springs in Kamchatka, Russia, where they soaked in hot water and reunited for the first time in two years.

Later, comedian Yoon Jung Soo came to join them where he asked them questions about seeing each other again after two years and commented on how the father-son duo do not talk very much.

Kim Jin Woo’s father said, “I opposed his dream, so [there’s a part of me that] always feels sorry. Now, he’s doing what he wants to do so I’m content, but I feel sorry I can’t be more helpful.” Hearing this, Kim Jin Woo commented, “He helped me a lot.”

Yoon Jung Soo joked that unlike his father, Kim Jin Woo had the pretty face of a celebrity. But Kim Jin Woo’s dad made everyone laugh when he responded, “He can’t beat me.”

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