In a recent interview, WINNER’s Song Mino shared the concerns he had because of the image he had made for himself through tvN’s “New Journey to the West 3.”

On the show, Song Mino showed a more ditzy, clueless image than the charismatic image he has as a musician and said, “Since I hadn’t really made many appearances on variety programs, especially on my own, I was really nervous and I didn’t realize it when we were actually filming. I found out about my image as I was monitoring the show when it aired.”

When asked if he had any regrets regarding his appearance on “New Journey to the West 3,” Song Mino responded, “I tried my very hardest while filming and they edited the show in such a funny way, which is how I ended up with that image. It was really funny but, while I don’t have any regrets, I did worry a little.”

He continued, “A lot of people now recognize me [because of my appearance on the show] but I am worried that my variety show image could potentially overshadow or break my image as a musician.”

Meanwhile, WINNER made their comeback earlier today with MVs for their double title tracks, “Really Really” and “Fool.” Plus, the group also opened up about former member Nam Tae Hyun’s departure.

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