On the March 12 broadcast of MBC’s talk show “Radio Star,” WINNER Song Mino opened up about some unexpected concerns he has regarding his appearance.

MC Kyuhyun brought up the topic of hair, which is when Song Mino said, “It’s not necessarily hair loss but I just don’t have a lot of hair to begin with; however, my dad has a hair loss problem so it’s a bit concerning for me.

The artist continued, “I think I have less hair because I wore hip-hop hats around a lot from a very young age. One day, my dad brought home a helmet that supposedly helps with hair loss. I felt a little ashamed while using the helmet, since I’m still young,” which caused everyone on set to laugh.

Meanwhile, WINNER recently made their long-awaited comeback with double title tracks, “Really Really” and “Fool,” and have been experiencing a great deal of success both domestically and internationally.

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