WINNER’s Song Mino spoke about his friendship with Block B’s P.O.

On November 26, Song Mino shared his thoughts about his first solo album “XX” in an interview.

Along with music promotions, the rapper also appears on variety shows especially as a cast member on tvN’s “New Journey to the West 6.” Speaking about P.O, he said, “He’s my friend of 10 years and my best friend. We felt thrilled seeing things we had dreamt about since we were young slowly become reality. It felt more exhilarating to see him on ‘New Journey to the West’ than seeing him at a music show.”

He continued, “We couldn’t go on trips together because we were so busy, but we were able to hang out together for 10 days through the show. I was so happy, but as the days go by, I feel like my character is being stolen from me.”

The two friends have been making viewers laugh with their chemistry and shared lack of knowledge, and have even earned fun nicknames for themselves.

He explained, “Both of us have liked music since we were young, so there are a lot of common facts that we don’t know.” He joked, “But Ji Hoon [P.O’s birth name] is a bit worse,” before adding, “He researches a lot about topics he’s interested in such as fashion, music, and photography, and is a smart person.”

Song Mino released his first solo album “XX” and MV for title track “Fiancé” on November 26.

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