The Ma Yi Deum (Jung Ryeo Won), Min Ji Sook (Kim Yeo Jin), and Jin Yeon Hee (Jo Woo Ri) trio held a “black bean noodle strategy meeting” in new “Witch’s Court” stills!

On the November 14 episode of “Witch’s Court,” Ma Yi Deum and Min Ji Sook already started to plan (Jun Kwang Ryul) Jo Gap Soo’s downfall. With the additional appearance of Yeon Hee, who has access to the Kingdom Hotel, the plan to take down Gap Soo escalates.

The three discuss the fatal flaw of Jo Gap Soo, setting up plans to destroy his hotel enterprise. Jung Ryeo Won is especially all smiles, sharing her plans with the rest of the group. Many are curious as to what kind of plan she came up with.

Kingdom Hotel was an enterprise that Jo Gap Soo expanded through lobbying and sexual favors. The photos show the exact site where Ma Yi Deum reveals her secret plan to take down Jo Gap Soo.

The production staff for “Witch’s Court” said, “The trio will combine efforts and officially start taking revenge on Jo Gap Soo. Please look forward to the thrilling clash between one who wants to hide his embarrassing deeds and still keep his empire, and those who want to uncover his secrets.”

You can watch the latest episode of “Witch’s Court” below!

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